Seat Leon vs Citroen C4

Seat Leon

Citroen C4

With the arrival of the 2010 version of the Seat León Cupra, the range's most comprehensive and spectacular vehicle now features even more cool looks due to several components presented on the dashboard and the look, making it the ideal extension of the Seat León that is making phenomenal strides at the WTCC World Touring Vehicle Championship.

The most obvious is the new silhouette, featuring sophisticated, high-tech black honeycomb cooling vents at the front beneath the central grille. The front bumper houses two further black highlights, one at every side, with the word Cupra immediately visible on the left.

The back features a prominent black moulding at the bottom of the bumper, a polished metal oval tailpipe and the characteristic model name in the centre of the hatch.

A side exterior at the Seat León Cupra reveals a lower ground clearance compared to the general León version, making the vehicle exterior and feel more like a racing unit. The spectacular 18 inch rims, eye-catching wheel arches and black encased door mirrors are all distinctive traits of the Seat model.
With appealing, sculpted lines; cool create quality; and an array of original upmarket features and functions, the new Citroen C4 is a ideal balance of confidence-inspiring look-and-feel and useful, comfortable technologies.

Specifically developed to meet the needs of mid-size 5-door hatchback retail buyers and enterprise users, new Citroen C4 is reliable and versatile; driver-focused, yet impressively comfortable; and is charged with a real 'positive Power' - due to efficient Citroen engineering and an environmentally considerate range of powertrains.

Like the new Citroen C5 in 2008, and the new Citroen C3 in 2009, new Citroen C4 is further evidence of Citroen's know-how and creativity in designing efficient, stylish, high-tech and secure cars with 'real world' practicality.

New Citroen C4's distinctive profile and balanced proportions give a clear impression of strength and stability. Defined and flowing surfaces, such as the purposeful front end and back spoiler, hint at the model's optimised aerodynamics. Chrome detailing features with dynamic headlight look-and-feel and sculpted alloy wheels for a sophisticated and cool road presence.