Seat Mii vs Toyota Aygo

Seat Mii

Toyota Aygo

Seat Mii city vehicle is the ideal car for today's urban lifestyle. Quite simply, the Seat Mii makes life easier - with compelling practicality, exceptional driving fun, high efficiency and high-tech technology.

The Seat Mii features Seat's sporty Mediterranean layout with the very best craftsmanship and enormous scope for personalisation. Moreover, the impressive value-for-money and low maintenance costs make the joy of driving a Seat Mii easily attainable.

Spain, Seat's home sphere, will begin sales of the Seat Mii before the end of 2011, with the rest of Europe following in Spring 2012.

At a length of 3. 55 metres, the Seat Mii is the ideal size for modern-day urban use. The Seat Mii comes to sphere at the end of 2011 as a three-door; the 5-door version follows in 2012.
Rejecting commonly held stereotypes that compact should only mean pragmatic and economical, the dynamic layout of the Toyota Aygo re-defines the perceptions of what small can be.

Developed and built in Europe, the Toyota Aygo is 100% Toyota - with certain layout components like the bulge on the bonnet around the badge, and triangular quarter window, underscoring its Toyota pedigree.

Overall the Toyota Aygo layout conveys a sporting exterior and fun parameter, as well as convenience and high class finish.

The 2009 Toyota Aygo reinforces this spirit with a front grille and bumper that have been re-sculpted to emphasise a lower centre-of-gravity, while increasing the dynamism and width of the vehicle.