Volkswagen Up vs Kia Picanto

Volkswagen Up

Kia Picanto

Volkswagen is releasing a new small car: the Volkswagen up!. A city specialist for many of the world's countries. A vehicle with charisma and great potential. In Germany - the debut sphere - advance orders are already being taken for the new up! with prices starting at 9850, euros. The new Volkswagen will officially release in successive steps beginning in late December 2011.

Three equipment versions are provided for various budgets and needs: take up! is the entry-level version, move up! the convenience-oriented model, and high up! is the top version. At sphere release there will also be two updated models based on the high up!: the up! black and up! white.

On a minimal footprint (3. 54 metres long), the Volkswagen up! provides maximum room for 4 people and highly efficient powertrain technologies. Making its debut in the up! is a new generation of three-cylinder engines. The petrol engines have performance outputs of 44 Kw / 60 PS and 55 Kw / 75 PS, fulfil the Euro 5 emissions traditional and drive the front wheels. Combined fuel consumption values for the Bluemotion Technology version (with such features as a Stop/start system, battery regeneration and tyres optimised for low rolling resistance): 4. 2 l/100 km (60 PS) and 4. 3 l/100 km (75 PS). Both 1. 0-litre engines satisfy the 100 g/km CO2 emissions limit.

A natural gas motor with 50 Kw / 68 PS will follow with the same general technology as the petrol engines. This Volkswagen up! Ecofuel Bluemotion Technology will attain a groundbreaking low CO2 value of 79 g/km. At the 2011 IAA in Frankfurt, Volkswagen introduced a nearly production-ready concept of this extremely clean natural gas version - the eco-up!. There are also firm plans for an up! with an electric drive in 2013, and a study of the up! Blue-e-motion was shown at the 2011 IAA in Frankfurt as well. Just as new as the engines are the car's two new 5-speed gearboxes (one manual and one automatic version); they are among the lightest of their types in the world.
Following the recent release of the all-new Kia Picanto city vehicle Kia is introducing a 3-door version to the line-up for the first time since the model appeared in 2004. The distinctively styled Kia Picanto 3-door, with a new range of versions, will go on sale in the UK from 1st September 2011.

The Kia Picanto 3-door has a original, sporty character while still managing to deliver the same, seemingly contradictory, upgrades as the more family-focused five-door: stronger performance with lower fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, the security and luxury features of a big vehicle without an outrageous price, and practicality within a compact suite. If the 5-door Kia Picanto is 'the small vehicle, grown up', then the 3-door is the same but with a twinkle in its eye.

City-car sales - referred to as the A-segment in Europe - are increasing all over the world as the costs of acquiring and owning vehicles gets more prohibitive and many people are downsizing.

Globally, the sphere for Kia Picanto-sized vehicles in 2014 will be around 2. 4 million. By 2015 - well within the second-generation Kia Picanto's life cycle - that will have grown to 3. 3 million. Around a million of these will be 3-door vehicles. Without a 3-door model, Kia would have nothing to provide 30% of consumers in one of the most dynamic sectors of the sphere.